Grayling Evangelical Free Church


Grayling E-Free Church is:

Biblically Based  

We are committed to faithfully communicating the message of the Bible. We are committed to the
absolute truth of Scripture. ─2 Timothy 3:16 


Living Lives of Worship 

Only God is worthy of our worship. Worship includes both glorifying God and enjoying Him. We are
committed to glorifying God and enjoying Him in both passionate prayer and in our corporate worship
gatherings. ─Romans 12:1-2, Hebrews 10:25 


Great Commission Driven 

Jesus calls the Church to make disciples locally and around the world. We are committed to spreading the Gospel in our community, in Northern Michigan, and around the world. ─Matthew 28:18-20 


Loving Relationships 

Grayling Evangelical Free Church is committed to being a loving Christian community. Jesus calls us to love each other and those outside of our church.   ─John 13:34-35, Matthew 5:43-47 


Community Transformation 

We desire to see our city transformed in positive ways through Christ’s love. We live out this commitment through community involvement and participation as both individuals and as a church body. 
─Jeremiah 29:4-7 


Compassionately Caring 

Many people who live in our community struggle with significant pain due to broken relationships. Our church is committed to being a place of compassionate care in our community. ─Mark 6:34


Culturally Engaging 

We are committed to being a local church that is welcoming; our goal is to be a safe place for people to investigate Jesus. We strive to be culturally engaging through a contemporary and upbeat music style in our worship services. ─1 Corinthians 9:22-23


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